Before you read any further, understand that the key word in “workshops” is work. We believe that you learn more when you are working. Our workshops require 10% inspiration and 90% mental perspiration. Because business is a battlefield and you need to be ready. Our workshops get you ready.

Take a moment and think about it…Are you ready to work?

If you are ready to work then please proceed…

We currently offer 3 workshops. They are designed to:

  •  Eliminate the pain in your business. (No more sleepless nights).

  • Peak the interest of prospective clients. (Leave them wanting to know more).

  • Use your time to make more than a dime. (Time is money, stop wasting it!).

We know that some of you have unique businesses and yes we can customize a workshop just for your business. Contact us about your workshop details by CLICKING HERE.

Below you will find a list of our current workshops. Select the topic name to review the workshop details.

  1. Business Plan Pitch

  2. Perfect Your Pitch

  3. 168 Hours


The foundation to success starts with leadership. At Answers Are Us we believe that in order to achieve long-term success you need to achieve your Leadership and Professional Goals.

We have designed REAL courses to support our clients accomplishing their leadership and professional objectives.

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REAL Leaders know that growing and learning enhances their ability to lead and increases their motivation to become their best.


Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit Answers Are Us!

We are a Brentworth Industries Company. With over 25 years of leadership and business management experience. We believe that success is possible and achievable when you are connected to the right resources.

We have one mission, “Create World Class Communicators.” 

It’s the reason, ALL of our workshops, sessions and training reinforce our effective communication principles. When you can communicate and connect effectively, you become a better leader and can accomplish your goals. The best part is that you bring everyone along with you and you create new leaders. 

Who Are  Our Clients? 

  • Business Owners

  • Business Executives

  • Business Professional

What Are Our Services?

We are here to support all of your leadership and communication needs.

An added bonus is that we offer virtual learning sessions!

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50/50 Challenge

Our 100 in 1 Challenge was a great success last year and we would like to keep the momentum going.

This year we have the 50/50 Challenge! We are going to read 50 books and watch 50 Ted Talks videos. 

You simply need to read 1 book and watch 1 Ted Talk video each week. You can select a book and Ted Talk video of your choice or you can use our suggested list. Once you sign up, the suggested list will be emailed to you. 

This years Mantra:

“If you can see it and read it! You can believe it and achieve it!”

To get started CLICK HERE!

Business Plan Pitch

So you’ve created your business plan and now its time to start presenting it to potential investors. You want to make sure that they get a full understanding of every aspect of the business. So, you prepare a presentation that has somewhere between 30-40 slides. 

Before you spend hours, days and weeks, preparing for your “death by power point,” presentation , we gotta let you in on a little secret. We are living in a streamlined time and we want it now, fast, short and simple. All of these new factors are the reason we created our “Business Plan Pitch” workshop. 

During this 90-minute workshop you will discover how to develop a Business Plan Pitch with only 10 slides. Yes you read that correctly 10 slides and then your ready for Q & A. Isn’t this great? We’re going to help you ask, and ask quickly. 

To get started CLICK HERE.  

REAL Leaders Course

This 9-week course is designed for leader’s to develop and hone their leadership skills to become more effective. This is a live virtual course where Leaders interact with the Author Dr. Donna Thomas-Rodgers weekly. It provides each leader with the opportunity to achieve their individual leadership goals.

To apply for the REAL Leaders Course, contact us by CLICKING HERE.

The course will flow as follows: Each week you will be assigned a section to read in Dr. Donna’s book REAL Leaders Wear PINK. Once you have completed the reading and the assignments, you will meet with Dr. Donna virtually to discuss the key learnings of each section. You will also establish goals where you will report out on the status of those goals during the following week’s session. The weekly topics and objectives for the course are listed below.

  • Week 1 Realistic – How to learn to listen to and trust your head, your heart, and your gut as they will always guide you in the right direction.

  • Week 2 Effective – How to focus on becoming and remaining effective.

  • Week 3  Authentic – How to be genuine, honest, and transparent.

  • Week 4 Leader Led – How to lead from the front and gain buy-in from your followers.

  • Week 5 Powerful – How to motivate, mentor, challenge, and inspire those that you lead and instill a sense of ownership and pride in the organization.

  • Week 6 Innovative – How to have fun, make mistakes, and think outside the box consistently.

  • Week 7 Natural – How to focus on enhancing who you are already, while staying true to your values and beliefs system.

  • Week 8 Knowledgeable – How to be a life long learner, knowledge is powerful when you place what you know into action.

After the completion of the 8-week course the leaders will participate in the final week, the REAL Leader Certification Process. Upon successful completion of this process Leaders will receive their certification.

This course is not for every leader. It is important to note that only those Leaders that are READY to take their skills to the next level should consider this as an option in their personal development. There is a selection process and everyone that applies may not be selected, as this is an exclusive course. To apply for the REAL Leaders Course contact us by CLICKING HERE.


REAL Speaker’s Course

It’s time for you to attack your fear of public speaking and learn to speak like a superstar. No more getting so nervous that you drop your note cards. Put an end to drawing a blank as soon as you look into the crowd. Stop saying, um, ah, you know, so, and and and false starting your sentences.

It’s time for you to speak with confidence, convey a message that is clear and easily understood by your audience, and end with a lasting impression.

People will remember what you said and how it made them feel long after you’re gone. You can make that an enjoyable experience by becoming a REAL Speaker. Using the REAL Speaking system will get you out of your chair and up in the air ready to soar into public speaking.

During this course you’ll learn:

  • How to find your speaker’s voice.

  • How to develop a speech with an opening, a body, and a closing.

  • Receive Live Feedback on an impromptu speech.

  • Leave with a speech that can be used as an ice-breaker or turned into a keynote.

Attack your fears and speak like a superstar.

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